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Our story is a love story. Kind of…

Believe it or not, three men got together to collaborate because they saw potential for improvement in the ways that people communicate with one another.

Blair Archambault, a poet and a hopeless romantic, gifted his girlfriend a quirky home accessory one day in the form of a little clay pigeon with a mysterious hole drilled into the top of its head. A candleholder maybe? We’ll never know. Blair decided it would be sweet to write his lady a love note, so he rolled it up, placed it in the bird, and left his little gift out where she would find it. Turns out, she absolutely loved it… and that’s how the idea for a Love Dove was born!

When Blair saw the positive impact that his small gesture had made, he knew that he could make an even bigger impact by giving other people a unique way to share their feelings. That’s when he called his two long-time friends; one a graphic designer, the other an entrepreneur.

The three optimists worked tirelessly to develop the sleek, versatile and high-quality Love Doves we offer today. 

Every aspect of every dove, from the heart shaped body to the way each attachment device fits into the base, has been meticulously designed to provide everything you need to share your heartfelt thoughts and feelings in countless different ways. Love Doves are designed to be shared, cherished, and passed along to anyone who needs a little extra positivity.

We’ve told you our love story. How will you use your Love Dove to write your own?

Read our first article about how the love Dove was designed, published in the Examiner Magazine June 13th 2016 

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