The Love Dove can be used so many different ways and is perfect for:
• Anniversaries • Wedding Planners • Graduation • fundraisers • Florists • Inspirational messages • Mothers Day • Prom • Birthdays • Just because and so much more!

In a world where technology is king, our thoughts and feelings are often lost in translation.
The Love Doves are here to deliver your most important messages in a way that is timeless, yet modern. The Love Dove is a sleek and stylish keepsake that can deliver your message almost anywhere; stick it on your sweetie’s mirror in the morning, sneak it into a lunchbox, or wow your wedding guests with a one-of-a kind favor with a heartfelt note.

Personalization has never been easier…

Just write your note, roll it up, and let your Love Dove deliver!


How to Use:

It’s amazingly simple.

There’s no battery chargers. No cables. No software required. Love Dove is the purest form of self-expression. If you can write or draw, you can “Dove.”

  1. Write a note to your loved one. Make it long or keep it short, but always keep it sweet.
  2. Use the included dowel to roll your note up into a scroll.  Insert note into side of the Dove.
  3. Insert the removable suction cup or flower holder to the Dove’s base.
  4. Attach to any clean, glossy surface, or use the twist tie and thread through the floral holder and around your favorite bouquet. Voila!

Reuse. Often.